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Friends, no matter what you may think of it, the #BLackLivesMatter movement has taken the U.S. by storm and has not waned in the past three years since its inception. In fact it seems to have only grown stronger and larger. It has even entered our nation’s presidential politics. If you are not familiar with this social justice protest and movement then please visit this site to learn more. This national movement actually touched the Cville area this year through an incident on The Corner – an area of town near the University of Virginia frequented by UVA students. Please find that story here. We are creating space in our TED local community event for a sharing of ideas from the student involved.

The Peek – The TEDxCharlottesville Steering Committee is completely humbled to announce that UVA student Martese Johnson has agreed to be a speaker for this year’s TEDxCharlottesville “What If…” We have been extremely careful with how we handle this as we didn’t want our invitation to come across exploitative but more an opportunity for Martese to share with our community his “What If…” only if he felt that he had something he wants to share as well as only if he felt comfortable doing so in this forum. We are pleased that both thresholds were met.

Updated to include article with interview posted in Cville publication 9/2/2015

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