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The speaker highlights are rolling out little by little on the TEDxCharlottesville website. Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with that. Like previous years, our speakers are a wonderful group of folks from various backgrounds, disciplines, careers and experiences. The TEDxCville Steering Committee looks to make this annual event something that not only inspires but initiates deep thought about about technology, entertainment and design, as well as science, society, business, the environment, etc. We will always hit the core topics but we also want to try to address those ideas worth sharing on the topics that are of interest specifically to Charlottesville. So we are listening and taking note. Feel free to respond and comment here on the blog, on Twitter and/or on Facebook.

Something new we are doing this year on the blog is to give our blog followers a little preview and behinds the scenes peep to TEDxCville. We are calling this “The Peek”. When you see that in a blog, know that you are getting something that others are not getting. It’s just a way for us to say thanks for following the blog.

The Peek: We will have a speaker announcement soon that taps right into the national #BlackLivesMatter movement right here in Charlottesville. This blog will give you more heads up info about the speaker before the announcement is made.

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