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This post features the TEDxCville Reflexions Session IV speakers, Dean King, Jack Marcus, Greg Fairchild, Yael Melamede and John D’Earth. We know you will enjoy revisiting their talks if you already experienced them or enjoy experiencing them for the very first time. Welcome (again) to TEDxCharlottesville!

Dean King: Award winning author of historical and adventure stories, shared with the TEDx audience a particular adventure that led him to Africa. Hear Dean’s story here.

Jack Marcus: Western Albemarle High School student who developed a device to help detect the presence of date-rape drugs in drinks. Be awed by Jack’s invention here.

Greg Fairchild: University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business Professor, empowering underserved populations who shares a powerful story of why he went to jail. Learn more here.

Yael Melamede: Architect and award winning filmaker, shares with us some true confessions including some TEDx audience members. Take a listen here.

John D’Earth: Jazz trumpeter and composer who provided a remarkable musical experience for our TEDx event. Listen here.

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