This post features the TEDxCville Reflexions Session II speakers, the founders of the Holistic Life Foundation, (Ali Smith, Atman Smith, Andres Gonzalez,) Jim Hubbard, Dr. John Herr, Yiqi Cao, Natalie Foley, Russell Richards and Chihamba. We know you will enjoy revisiting their talks if you already experienced them or enjoy experiencing them for the very first time. Welcome (again) to TEDxCharlottesville!

Holistic Life Foundation: Baltimore based organization committed to nurturing wellness in underserved communities through yoga and mindfulness practices. Click here to watch and experience their talk.

Jim Hubbard: Pulitzer Prize nominee, served with the White House Press Corps during 16 years on staff with United Press International. Click here to hear his talk.

Dr. John Herr: Professor of Cell Biology, Urology, and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Virginia Medical School. Click here and pay close attention to this talk.

Yiqi Cao: A Jefferson Scholar at the University of Virginia, explorer of food culture and its ties to family history, healthcare quality advocate. Click here to watch Yiqi’s talk.

Natalie Foley: Vice-President and COO at Peer Insight, design and business problem solving. Click here for Natalie’s talk.

Russell Richards: Artist and filmmaker creating fantastical futuristic and conceptual work. To see Russell’s idea for our downtown mall, click here.

Chihamba: West African Drum and Dance organization. To experience the spirit of this group, click here.

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