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The TEDxCharlottesville Steering Committee has received overwhelmingly positive feedback about our 2014 Reflexions event. We were happy to have a sold out event but more importantly, we were happy to offer a lineup of compelling, inspiring and thought provoking speakers. With that in mind, we have released the entire line-up of speaker videos on the TEDxCharlottesville website. On this blog, we will highlight session by session the videos. If you can’t wait that long – and we don’t blame you – just simply go to the TEDxCville website and binge watch.

This post features the TEDxCville Reflexions Session I speakers, Thomas Woltz, Ghislaine Maxwell, Aaron Fein, Donald Davis and the Daniel Heifitz. We know you will enjoy revisiting their talks if you already experienced them or enjoy experiencing them for the very first time. Welcome (again) to TEDxCharlottesville!

Thomas Woltz: Celebrated Landscape Architect and author, named “Design Innovator of the Year” by The Wall Street Journal. Click here to watch his talk.

Ghislaine Maxwell: President and Founder of the TerraMar Project, a non-profit organization that protects the ocean commons. Click here to watch her talk.

Aaron Fein: Digital Embroidery Artist, Architect. Click here to watch his interview.

Donald Davis: American storyteller, author and minister. Click here to watch his talk.

Daniel Heifitz: President and founder of the Heifitz International Music Institute. Click here to watch and listen…

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