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If you attended last year, you know…TEDx is magic. In our community, from our community, for our community. Ideas. Encouragement. Hope. Entertainment. And sometimes a needed kick in the seat. A day long shelter from the storm of the day-to-day existence of life.

But how does that magic really happen?

Volunteers, volunteers, volunteers. From the steering committee with the vision and tenacity to make it happen, to the speakers who have the courage to get up on stage and share with you. TEDxCharlottesville is a volunteer event. The real secret sauce that makes this special? The 60+ members of our community who take time off of their jobs to provide expertise in everything from program management to social media to events planning and catering. We have a cadre of brilliant, talented, energetic volunteers who are determined to make attending TEDxCharlottesville one beautiful seamless exciting event. They have carted bottles of water and tea, they have stuffed bags, assembled water bottles and badges, and asked many many questions to make sure they get it right. As we speak, our amazing volunteers are memorizing floor plans and speaker schedules. They are coming together over pizza to share their excitement and camaraderie and finalize tiny details. So, if you are lucky enough to have a ticket Friday, and you walk by one of the now invisible people wearing huge smiles and black tshirts, remember that they are here for you. It is their privilege to be your TEDxCharlottesville volunteers.

Guest Blog Entry: Kim Fitzhugh, TEDxCville Steering Committee and Volunteer Coordinator.

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