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Charlottesville, we heard you. Thanks to your feedback last year, we planned and worked hard to expand our outreach in the community to make the TEDxCharlottesville event accessible to members of our community who would otherwise not be able to attend. Our efforts were truly around making our audience reflect our town. In addition to partnering with our local schools – you will see groups of school-aged children throughout the day whose teachers and administrators have made TEDxCharlottesville (or some portion of the event) a learning activity for their students – we also partnered with community-based organizations who are doing valuable work across a spectrum of services and populations. We reached out to many non-profit organizations who could help us reach their constituency. We will have a diverse audience across age, gender, nationality, SES, race/ethnicity and accessibility. It makes sense that we would have as many members of our community present for this community supported and sourced event as possible.

Thank you Charlottesville for reflecting the ideal of inclusion. We heard you loud and clear.

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