Charlottesville, we have an Open Mic Night winner!!

TEDxCville Open Mike Night (3)

Hopefully you were able to attend TEDXCharlottesville’s Open Mic Night on Tuesday. If not, you missed a chance to determine who will get a chance to speak on the stage for the TEDXCharlottesville main event November 14. However, if you did, then you experienced a real treat. As many are aware, Charlottesville is a wonderful community with an incredibly talented, intelligent and inspiring population.  Open Mic Night gives us an additional opportunity to see and hear ideas worth sharing from our very own neighbors.

Open Mic Night featured 24 local Charlottesvillians vying for a chance to share their most inspired ideas on the TEDxCharlottesville main stage. See this story from NBC29 about the event. Via audience vote, Jim Harshaw was selected as the winner and will be presenting his TEDx Talk in November. Jim described his talk, “Why I Teach My Children to Fail” as a necessary lesson because failure is inevitable in life. He wants to share with parents/teachers/mentors how to incorporate failure into life lessons for children to rise above. It’s making you think, right?

There are only a limited number of tickets left. If you weren’t certain before that you would attend TEDxCharlottesville, then surely Jim Harshaw has helped you decide that you need to be there. Tickets can be purchased here.

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