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“What?! You mean you don’t know what TEDx means, what it is?” I looked at my friend a bit dumbfounded. He replied, “Nope! Don’t know.”

Ok, ok, my friend is a smart man. He knows TED and on occasion watches the TED videos, at least the ones that I send to him. At least he knows that much. TED is a great conference that grew out of its founder’s observation around the convergence of technology, entertainment and design. The founder wanted to bring together interesting people to discuss topics and issues that would at once be interesting to all the guests. Of course, this grew into the international TED conference with a focus on ideas worth spreading. What if these ideas spread worldwide? What would that look like? Or better yet, what if ideas were shared locally and spread? What would THAT look like? Well, basically, that is what TEDx is – a locally sponsored, organized and produced TED event.

What better way to explain it than with this video clip?:



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