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It’s time…

The TEDxCharlottesville Steering Committee is especially eager for the TED Live event not just because of the remarkable line-up of speakers, nor the chance to bring the Charlottesville community together to generate and share ideas, and not just because we will have our city’s first virtual TED Conference experience. It’s all of these things and more.

Our very own Richard Averitt, who we plan to speak to live from Vancouver during the 6:15pm TED break, shares why he keeps going…

This year marks my seventh year at the famed TED conference. I have made this an annual pilgrimage for inspiration and connection. I call this week my recharge. To spend five days opening your mind and letting the ideas pour in is a luxury few of us ever get and one I have come to cherish.

When asked why someone would spend the money to go to TED with airfare and hotels and accommodations not to mention the steep conference fee, Richard shared the following:

It is a great question but I can tell you that it is worth it. Why do we go to an NFL game or the Super Bowl when we can watch at home on our big screen?

We specifically asked Richard to help us understand what happens during the conference that is so amazing.

There is something special that happens when you sit in a room packed with open minded people looking for inspiration. There is an energy that is powerful and moving. From watching talk after talk you begin to see threads that are universal and synthesize ideas that would never present themselves from any one talk alone. Then there are the people. On your right and on your left, in front and behind you, the room is full of ideas similar but different from yours and they spill out of the room on every break and over lunch and they all cross-pollinate in ways you just can’t predict. The end result is really something magical and it fuels my imagination and creativity in a spectacular way. These connections become as important as the talks themselves.

We asked Richard how the live stream event captures this magical experience and this is what he said…..

It might seem hard to believe but the same thing happens in a group simulcast. During the conference here in Vancouver there will be 500 people or so in Whistler, 2 hours away, who have paid thousands of dollars to watch TED on video screens like you can do for free this Tuesday. Come and watch for a session or for the whole day and you will see precisely what I mean.

One more thing.

This year marks TED’s 30th anniversary and TED invited back their most intriguing speakers of all time. One of the speakers invited back is Charlottesville’s own John Hunter who originally spoke at the TED 2011 conference. John was also a TEDxCharlottesville 2013 speaker. To learn more about John Hunter’s All Star appearance at TED and about the World Peace Game Foundation, click here.

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