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It’s exciting to gear up for TEDxCharlottesville 2014. The Steering Committee has been meeting, planning and organizing for our locally supported, programmed and featured TEDx event. To help you gear up too, TEDxCharlottesville is offering a Live Stream of the international TED Conference!!  For all of us who have wanted to go but just never could work it out to get there and for all of us who have been but couldn’t make it this year, we believe this Live Stream is the next best thing. TEDxCharlottesville has partnered with the Paramount Theatre again to make this Live Stream event available featuring the full TED Conference and it’s absolutely free!! We just show up to the Paramount at any point during the day and watch the fantastic set of TED speakers with several hundred of our Cville closest friends.

If you aren’t familiar with the TED Conference, then perhaps you will indulge just a few minutes to share why we think this Live Stream event is so attractive and should be a “must attend” on your schedule. This is a Top Five list, if you will.

  1. It’s TED!! : TED is a coming together of individuals to talk about ideas around the topics of Technology, Entertainment and Design and more. It started small but has grown into an international event to share “ideas worth spreading”. The speakers for these annual conferences are phenomenal and you can experience them on the TED Talks website and/or mobile device app via the archived talks. You won’t be disappointed.
  2. It’s Free!!: No explanation needed, right?
  3. It’s a TEDxCharlottesville hosted event: This is a great way to support Charlottesville and the city’s own TEDx efforts.
  4. Speaker line-up includes Sting, Bill and Melinda Gates, and Zak Ebrahim, to name a few.

5. It could change your life: The talks will widen your scope, encourage you to think differently about the world, its problems and its potential and it could be an event that leads to a change in your own life. You can discuss each talk with your friends and neighbors and share your own ideas.

We hope you are convinced and will join us for the TED Live event. It is scheduled 18 March 2014, 11:00am at the Paramount. See you there!

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